Stop Paying High Insurance Premiums and Find the Lowest Rates Available for You

Weeks after having retired from a 20-year teaching job, Tom, who was from Arizona received a mail from a car insurance firm which offered to cut in half the policy premium his actual car insurance provider gave him for his two cars. Though Tom didn’t take the offer, he immediately called his insurance provider, told them of the offer he just received and inquired about any possible reduction in his premiums.

What he heard was unbelievable. He was told by the person at the other end of the phone that the firm made revisions in its underwriting standards, so he was now qualified for a premium reduction – from $2,537, the amount he has been paying for years, to $1,207 a year – half the amount and even $60 cheaper than what the other firm offered him. Though the reduction was great reason to be glad about, Tom got mad instead after learning from the insurance firm’s branch manager himself that he would not have been told of the premium reduction had he not asked for it.

Well, the reality is, millions of drivers are paying premiums that are actually twice as much as they need to pay. Will your insurance provider’s branch manager tell you this on his own initiative? Highly doubtful, because higher premiums would mean clear profit for the firm. Will your insurance agent inform you of it? Well, his work is commission-based; thus, the higher premium you pay the higher earning he gets.

Another silly thing is, though Tom now has his premiums reduced to 50%, others like him will continue paying the highly-priced premium that they have always paid even though they are eligible for a lower rate – simply because they never ask about possible reductions. Their insurance providers, on their part, will absolutely have no problem with them paying a higher amount than what they are supposed to pay. Are these providers obliged to tell them about possible reductions? Yes, but only if they ask.

Helping drivers find the cheapest car insurance policy, which is based on their needs and situation, is the job of independent car insurance companies, according to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.®. These companies readily provide drivers with free insurance quotes from different firms to enable them to see differences in cost of policies and the types of coverage each policy offers.

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