Negligent Dog Owners

Dog owners have an inherent responsibility to keep others safe from their pet if it exhibits dangerous actions. Unfortunately, when owners do not properly maintain their property or warn passer byers of their dog, attacks and injuries such as bites can occur. According to the personal injury lawyers of, property owners are required to warn individuals of anything on their property that may cause harm, including a dog. When a dog owner exhibit negligent behavior, they may be responsible for the injuries that a victim suffers.

There are a number of ways an individual can be found to not have responsibly maintained their dog. One of the most obvious examples is failure to put up a warning sign such as “beware of dog” in order to inform individuals to be cautious around your property. Another instance of negligent handling of a dog by an owner would be letting a dog that has exhibited dangerous behavior in the past loose in the yard. The dog may attack passer byers walking by, leading to injuries which would subsequently be the responsibility of the owner. An owner would also be held liable if they left the gate to their backyard open, allowing their dog to run free. In many states, owners who violate local leash laws and walk their dogs without a leash may be held liable if the dog attacked an individual while off their leash. Although these are some examples of when a dog owner can be held liable for injuries their dog caused, there are many other instances that can qualify as well. Additionally, there are certain situations in which a dog owner may not be held responsible.

When situations such as these occur, injuries such as severe lacerations or even head injuries can occur and potentially cause life-long problems for a victim. Often, these tragic accidents involving a dog may have been preventable if the owner had taken the proper precautions.

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