Injuries from Defective Products

Every person out there knows that misusing a product can have unintended consequences. Warning labels exist for a reason, and that reason is to keep consumers safe. In addition to keeping users safe, it also can reduce liability on behalf of the manufacturer. Some items, such as household cleaners and kitchen knives are more obviously dangerous.

Even though there are typically labels that say not to ingest bleach and not run with knives, the majority of people who purchase and use these products have enough common sense to know not to do those things. Proper use of products is thought to be a surefire way of keeping consumers and the people around them safe. But about when proper use isn’t enough?

A defective product can do a lot more than just inconvenience a user. Aside from becoming a waste of money, defective products can quickly become dangerous. In the last few years, a brand of airbags had a deadly defect.

Upon deployment, the passenger side airbag would eject shrapnel all throughout the car, which is pretty much the exact opposite of what an airbag is supposed to do. Dairy products printed with the wrong expiration date can get a bunch of people sick from expired milk and certain restaurants can spread disease if their lettuce isn’t safe for consumption.

When people make these purchases, they are giving a lot of trust in the company they are buying from. In exchange for their money, they expect to be given a fully-functional product with no dangers other than the ones the company warns them about on the product.

Defective goods destroy this trust, and can seriously injure people. If the defect was severe enough, a person could even wind up dead.

When enough people report these defects, the product is usually pulled from the shelves and a recall is announced. People who have previously purchased the product can almost always get a refund on their purchase.

Pulling the product and issuing the recall helps prevent new people from coming into contact with the product. While these are the proper steps to minimize the damage done, it is often too late for some people.

Each year, thousands of people are injured or killed by defective products. Lawrence & Associates is a law firm who specializes in helping these victims and their families. Consumers who fall victim to a defective product deserve to be taken care of.

If they are injured, the best thing that they can do while they are recovering is to get into contact with a lawyer who specializes in the laws surrounding product liability. In doing so, they gain a powerful ally who can help hold the right people accountable, whether it is the manufacturer, retailer, or even industry as a whole.

The accountable party will then likely pay for the medical expenses of the injured person. If the person did not survive, then the correct settlement should go to the deceased’s family. Regardless of the product, it should always be as safe as possible for whoever is using it.

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