How are Properties and Assets Divided during a Divorce?

Divorce can be a very difficult process. First, couples will have to deal with the emotional devastation that typically characterizes the end of a marriage. The whole process can also be complicated by several legal issues. One such issue complicating the process involves the couple’s shared properties and assets.

It is preferable that the division of a couple’s properties and assets are decided on and settled amicably between the involved parties. However, these decisions aren’t always settled outside court. In fact, financial concerns are one of the most highly contested issues during a divorce. Couples typically have a hard time agreeing how their finances and properties should be fairly divided. This is particularly true for situations where one spouse is financially dependent on the other. As such, property and asset division is often settled by the court of law.

In family court, the judge will act as the executor of a couple’s shared estate. He or she will be responsible for the final decision on how properties and assets should be divided in the event of a divorce. This decision will come after considering several factors. In the majority of America, courts usually decide on equal division of assets and properties. However, several states aim for a decision that will prioritize reasonable fairness. In these states, the court will often look at the income and earning opportunities of both spouses, as well as their age, health, and the length of their marriage. If there are children involved, the court will also make considerations for the spouse who has physical custody.

The court will also need to determine which properties and assets were amassed before the marriage. Properties and assets owned by each spouse before they were married will be exempted from the division. However, any financial gains that bore fruit from these separate estates made during the period of the marriage will be included in the division.

These aren’t the only factors that go into the division of properties and assets during a divorce. Each situation will present individual concerns that the court will need to study carefully. Oftentimes, this process can increasingly become difficult. According to the website of Arenson Law Group, PC, the assistance of a qualified family lawyer can ease the process and allow a couple to amicably resolve such a complicated legal issue without causing unnecessary headaches.

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3 Transportation Tips for Weddings

A wedding is a significant occasion. Couples deserve the most memorable experience as they tie the knot surrounded by their family and friends. Such a big occasion often requires months of planning. There will be dozens of concerns to be addressed and the process can be stressful at certain moments.

One of the most important details that needs to be accomplished is the transportation arrangement. Most weddings require venue changes, with the couples and guests shuttling from the ceremony to the reception. Here, we list a couple of tips to help you properly plan and decide for transportation details on your big day.

Book a private car service at least six months before the ceremony

Couples often think that there’s plenty of time between the space of their engagement and their wedding day. While there are some details that can be taken care of a few months before the ceremony, booking a private car service needs to be accomplished as soon as you’ve decided on the date, venues, and wedding party size.

Reserve the vehicle in person

While you can research car services and make inquiries online, it’s important that your car reservation deal is finalized in person. Taking the time to make your reservation in person has plenty of advantages. The most obvious one is that you get to see your chosen vehicle in person. It will also give you a chance to better dialogue with the company to avoid complications that might arise on the day of the wedding.

Arrange transportation for entourage

Couples who can afford to stretch out their budget should also consider arranging transportation details for their bridal party. The entourage plays a crucial role in your wedding ceremony. They’ve also helped a lot in planning the big occasion. It would be great to ensure that they’re comfortable for the rest of the day. Several private car services also offer SUVs and other larger vehicles for rent.

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